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Downhill, Freeride and Gravity mtb riding  

Mounatin bike trail grading consists of two parts, the difficulty of the Technical Trail features (TTF) found within a trail (drops, jumps, step downs, road gaps etc) identified by the lozenge system and the difficulty of the trail corridor, Trail grading, which can be identified by the coloured grading system. ( blue, red  and black)  

Technical trail features:

Technical trail features

Small TTFs - Table Tops, rollable Step Downs, rollable Step Ups, Rollers & Steps

Technical trail features

Rollerable Doubles, Small Gaps, non rollable (but avoidable) Drops, Step Downs and large Table Top Jumps

Technical trail features

Large / Extreme, unavoidable, non-rollable features suitable ONLY for EXPERT riders

Trail Grading: 

Suitable for: Riders in good health with some off-road riding skills.


Trail:  small obstacles of root & rock. berms and rollers, jumps that can be rolled over. 

Suitable for: Proficient mountain bikers with good off-road riding skills & fitness. Good mountain bikes.

Trail: Tricky descents & technical features such as drop-offs, Step ups larger table tops & outcrops of roots.

Suitable for: Expert mountain bikers with high level of fitness. Quality off-road mountain bikes.


Trail: Greater challenge & difficulty. Expect large & unavoidable features. Steep Technical descents. Unavoidable off camber roots, large jumps and drops.

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