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Devils Dyke

You’ll need to take the right hand corner off the start ramp go over the first tabletop of the 4x track then peel off to the left where you’ll see a wooden sender (go round the right hand side to avoid) after you land you’ll be into a couple of rock gardens one before the fire road and one after, you’ll then find a series of large bermed corners with root sections between before them. The 3rd corner you come to is a very rooty corner best bet stop a look for a line first, you’ll then come to chalky corner. A large open chalk corner to the right with a small catcher at the bottom be careful in the wet. Once through those corners you can either join Darkside before the 2nd step down or continue on Devils Dike which flattens out to a very fast straight with a few small drops and roots before a large road gap at the finish.

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