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Our most technical track containing rock gardens, drops, steps, step downs, steep root sections and a road gap. You join Darkside after the second roller of Wiggly Woo, you’ll first come across a small rock garden before dropping on to the uplift track. On the other side of uplift track is a 4 ft drop into a right hand corner (go to the right to miss the drop). You’ll then drop down the hill through another rock garden. The track then round to the left where a set of steps are before the step down (go to the right to miss the step down) after this section you traverse the hill before it drops into a steep rooty right corner. You’ll then enter a set of offset drops that lead into another root section before a small drop into a right hand corner. You're now on the flatter section of this track. You’ll find a step down to step up before a long straight containing stumps roots and rock gardens before finishing on the road gap.

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