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Terms and conditions 

■  All visitors to the site must check in with on-site staff.

■  Non up lift riders must purchase a Day Pass before beginning to ride.


■  Riding is only permitted during  site opening hours.

■  Riders under the age of 12 and ‘vulnerable adults’ must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian.

■  When riding  a helmet must be worn at all times.

■  Full face helmet, knee pads are compulsory for all riders.


■  Gloves and body armour are advised 

■  Bike must be in good working order. 

■  Be considerate and courteous of other users at all times.


■  Always use the designated PUSH UP. 

■  Trails are graded according to ability, you must be competent to ride each trail.

■  Ride within your abilities and do not attempt anything that will cause harm to yourself or others.

■  Stay within the designated riding areas 


■  Avoid where possible riding over berms, sides of jumps, and creating short cuts.

■ Poor conduct and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.

■ Unauthorised building or altering of trails is strictly prohibited.


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